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What are the core concepts of XSOL?

If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it

Albert Einstein

If you cannot show you know your business well, do not try to automate it.


For automation success a process must be 100% accurate. Anything less paralyzes the workflow. Understanding process in detail is key to any improvement project.


Once you understand how a process works you are in a position to simplify and improve it. XSOL is No-Code which enables you to improve it even after it is live.


When automating your processes it is important to have an enterprise-wide model of business. This ensures integration of processes and avoids loss of data integrity.

How to successfully automate your business

First understand your business

Model what happens in real-life

XSOL’s architecture is unique. It replicates what happens in the real world not the world of software development. This means business people can define their own business systems …and to a level of complexity found in tier 1 ERP systems.

Because XSOL’s process definition conforms to real life scenarios it can be overlaid on real world images – diagrams of offices factories, and countries - to help people communicate better what they do. At any point you’re just a click away from any document, spreadsheet, business software function or other digital media.

Then simplify your business

Cover off everything, especially the exceptions

Presenting processes in a real-world context better enables people to identify how they can be simplified and improved. But in addition XSOL provides Lean analytics and the ability to define other data by which you may wish to analyze business operations.

Issues such as costs, times and risk can be recorded at any level in a business hierarchy from individual tasks to corporate head office and the values aggregated.

Define your core processes end-to-end makes spotting improvement and simplification easy. XSOL makes this possible by first defining workflow (i.e. from desk to desk) and then the tasks that people or robots perform in detail at each point in the workflow.

Finally automate your business

Automate quickly and tune using live data

Because XSOL processes are defined in a business model not only does it create applications without the need for coding (NoCode) but the integrity of the system as a whole is ensured. This means that when a process is changed the model automatically checks all other processes to ensure that the change doesn’t conflict with another part of the system. Changes can be made and ‘live’ within minutes.

Using XSOL’s ability for rapid change can dramatically reduce system development time by quickly creating an initial automated system and refining this to produce the final version.

It is almost impossible to recall every situation that must be catered for. Only when users see the business in a live situation will ALL the requirements become apparent.

Why you need a change platform from XSOL

The rewards of a fully automated business can be huge

“…a 10-fold increase in productivity and an 80% reduction in customer response time.”

Become change-ready

Automated workflow enables you to change operations in very short order, because the system tells staff what to do. It alerts staff to changes and offers immediate training.

However, you also need to be able to change the system at a moment’s notice. Automation NOW is NoCode software. The model content is verified at the time you key it in.

Simplify to uncover truth

The Simplify stage helps obtain correct data as well as making operational improvements. When people think about what they do they recall new details.

In the model business, all exceptions must be dealt with or processes changed to accommodate them. Unknown issues kill automated systems. Identifying them is a critical part of the Simplify stage.

Become a Model business

To-date success for business automation products has been limited. They lack the structure with which processes in the business can be connected progressively.

Without the rules, logic and relationships inherent in an Automation NOW business model you don’t know what parts of a business a change will affect.

Understand the whole picture

The main obstacle to a clear picture is getting the correct data from staff and managers. The further away you get from the individual tasks that staff do, the less reliable the story you are told.

For this reason XSOL promotes the use of images of their workplace to better engage with staff when seeking information.

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