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Seeing is the key to Understanding,
Understanding is the key to Improving

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What are the core concepts of XSOL?

If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it

Albert Einstein

XSOL Workplace uses pictures to demystify business.
The more transparent the working environment, the easier it is for employees to engage with their work and collaborate with their teammates to identify and fix things that are wrong, and to focus on getting the right outcome.

  See it

Workplace Visualization:
Picture your business the way you see it - the way it works.

  Understand it

Process Workflow:
Add the flow of work from desk to desk and the tasks at each.

  Improve it

Contextual Knowledgebase:
Access digital assets in the context of what you are doing.

How does XSOL do that?

Workplace Visualization

Workplace visualization connects the real world to the digital world. Words and flow charts don’t provide the level of understanding that engages employees in their organization’s objectives. Workplace visualization shows employees how an organization operates. This understanding lifts engagement and with it, the organization’s agility and adaptability.

How: Use real world images to navigate through a digital model of your organization and its business activity, at any point just one click away from any document, spreadsheet, business software function or other digital media.

Process Workflow

Process Workflow is the heart of an organization and defines how the business operates - your organisational DNA. It connects people at their workplaces in a seamless flow of activities and illustrates how work moves from desk to desk or machine to machine to deliver a process outcome. It shows who is involved, where, and the part they play in the overall process.

How: XSOL’s unique model of business distinguishes between how the business works, the flow of work from desk to desk, and what people do, the flow of work at each desk. Separating the way work flows through the organisation and the way individual tasks are performed makes capturing and communicating how the business works fast and accurate.

Contextual Knowledgebase

The contextual knowledgebase provides access to the sum total of what is known about the operation of an organization. All the documentation, software and other media that people need to do their jobs is accessible in the context of what they are doing, at the point where it is needed, when something has to get done… or improved. A single source of knowledge that is sustainable and reusable - your platform to informed process improvement.

How: The knowledgebase links your existing digital material and the tacit knowledge in the heads of staff to a central process model that defines how and when the material is used. The knowledge can be captured directly in the XSOL model or you can simply link to the existing information and resources - no need to re-invent the wheel and duplicate information.

Areas in which XSOL can help


A single point of reference for all operational material - documents, software and forms - to ensure that staff training, operational change and strategic planning uses a single source of the truth.

Business Transformation

Make it easy for managers and staff to see what needs to be done to implement a new system or to improve operational effectiveness - using visual techniques and Lean analytics.


Aid regulatory compliance audits with immediate access to the information required. Recast the same details in different formats to satisfy different agencies and authorities.

System Implementation

Use XSOL to solve the top two problems identified by Panorama Consulting as the primary reasons that ERP implementations go wrong, and use XSOL to select the right product at the outset.

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