XSOL: Training Videos

XSOL has over 50 videos to help explain about XSOL InOrder functionality and to assist our customer base in getting the most out of the product.

Free Videos

Play the introductory video and then select additional videos in each of the categories available below.

Select a category and then click one of the available links to play the selected video or visit our YouTube Channel where the videos are organised into playlists.

Introductory Videos

An introduction to XSOL, our software and the concepts that drive it.

Designing Processes

How to begin creating your process models within XSOL InOrder Process modeller.

Process Flow Design

12 videos showing how to design beautiful and structurally complete Process and Stage flow diagrams in the new XSOL InOrder 5.

2m 21s
2m 23s

Using Roles

A series of videos explaining how to use Roles to the fullest to determine and show who can do what and where in your process models.

Using Custom Notes

A series of videos explaining how to add custom note information to parts of your process model. Notes may be any kind of extra text and pictorial information you need or hyperlinks to other documents.

1m 47s

Business Analytics

These videos explain how you can add a wide range of custom notes to your model to capture process metrics which can then be displayed on flows, aggregated and categorised to enable risk and change management. as well process improvement to take place.

Workplace Resource Execution

Workplace Resource Execution provides access at a staff member"s work station the "soft" resources needed for their role. E.g. access to IT functions such as the corporate ERP system or spreadsheets, access to training material and videos, plus specifications, instructions and forms required to support each task.

Using Icons

Videos showing how to modify the highly pictorial flow diagram and other node icons used within XSOL InOrder 5.

Deploying Outputs

A series of videos showing how to generate the many free-to-view HTML and MS Word document outputs that can be created from XSOL InOrder 5 process modeller.

All our videos have been upgraded to the latest version of the software - XSOL InOrder 5.