XSOL: Our Vision & Team

Why XSOL exists, how it came about, and the team of people behind it

Our Vision

We believe that having employees understand how their organization works, its vision and their part in it, gives them a sense of purpose and achievement, making them more engaged and the business more successful.

XSOL: Same today, different tomorrow

From their experience with a previous Enterprise Software venture XSOL’s founders knew that altering the day-to-day functions of staff to accommodate a new system can have serious negative consequences.

So, we created a software platform that eliminates the risk by enabling small incremental changes to a system. XSOL software first replicates an organization’s current systems to retain existing staff functions - the same today - then enables incremental change in which staff are able to participate - different tomorrow.

XSOL’s technology breakthrough was to allow changes to a system without the traditional lengthy testing process to ‘debug’ the software. This makes small incremental enhancement economically viable and eliminates the need for the ‘big bang’ change practices that have dominated the software industry since day one. With XSOL, issues can be addressed as soon as they are spotted and new ideas put into practice as soon as conceived.

Our Team

The challenge that XSOL is addressing, helping people understand what is happening in their business, is not solely a software issue. It requires that we look for new ways of going about the process of change, including the human aspects. Consequently most of us at XSOL are involved in research and development, figuring out and trying new methods as well as new software.

We are a highly experienced team with one aim in mind, to improve the outcomes for business by lifting the level of engagement of staff through giving them a better understanding of the organization and their part in it.

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John Blackham


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