XSOL: Product Pricing & Services

The options for acquiring XSOL Workplace and the services we offer to help you get the results you want

XSOL Workplace Product Pricing

XSOL Workplace has two product components:

InOrder enables the definition of an organization and its activities in the XSOL Workplace model. The definition, which is held in XML can be represented in a number of different forms and used to simplify business activity. It is also used to create automated InControl business solutions, both workflow orchestration and task automation, such as RPA.

InOrder can be licensed on a perpetual or subscription basis.

A perpetual license starts at US$10,000 with a 20% annual renewal charge for new product releases and helpdesk support. Subscription licenses start at US$500 per month.

InOrder licences are available either for individual named users or able to be shared amoung multiple users. Multiple license purchases attract volume discount

InControl automation licenses have two components - the Automation Process Manager, and an Automation client for every automation user.

For pricing applicable to your specific situation please request a quote.

XSOL Services

Helping customers get the maximum benefit from our software is of paramount importance to XSOL.

For this reason we develop software utilization practices in the same way we develop XSOL software, embodying what we learn in both our technology and practices.

Today XSOL offers 3 specific services:

For XSOL InOrder:

In addition to XSOL’s own process consultants we have a partner network that can also offer a range of process oriented services.